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Why Mobotix is No.1

Why Mobotix is no.1


An integration set as ideal solution for ATMs


24/7 Availability

Self-service terminals such as bank statement printers and ATMs have since long become part of our everyday lives. Banks have found them to be the ideal solution for taking the burden of routine tasks from their customer service staff. The customers, in turn, benefit as cash is available 24/7 – everywhere.
Security and Data Protection

As the use of ATMs increased, the security became more and more important. Vault security and vandalism proof are as important as the secure transfer of customer data or the evaluation of biometric data for secure identification. Thus, for example, a portrait image is recorded of the customers at the moment they retrieve the money. But can one image alone provide for sufficient security?
 A Complex Task

Direct sunlight in the back of the customer, for example, can become a problem as it will render the images from the portrait camera useless. Mobotix cameras not only solves the backlight problem, but also increase security with a  ‘hand-to-money’ event, i.e. the moment of the actual money retrieval.
Integration Set

MOBOTIX offers a very flexible so-called ‘integration set’ consisting of a mother board and camera lenses on separate mini boards.  The direct sunlight issue is not at all a problem for the MOBOTIX solution. The separate lenses provide for a dual image showing the customer portrait in one image and the ‘hand-to-money’ event in the other.
Court Approval

In order for the images to be recognized as evidence at a court of law, the transaction data need to be part of the image. For this purpose, the option is available to develop your own proprietary hard- and software solution that is integrated into the ATM. This way the camera can read the bank data from the interface in a converted file format and then displays this information in the camera image. As a result, the bank has this information on every transaction: the customer portrait, the photo of the ‘hand-to-money’ event and the respective transaction data.
The Triggering Moment
The camera triggers the recording of image sequences by means of pre-defined event areas, e.g. when a bank card is inserted or when a person approaches the machine. The MOBOTIX file server feature stores the image sequences on a hard drive of a regular computer. From there, an authorized administrator can retrieve the data via the existing LAN/WAN connections.
Low Operating Costs – High Security

Since nobody needs to visit the external ATMs in person any more to collect videotapes, the camera also reduces operating costs and increases security. The camera data can be accessed directly from the control centre. Also, extremely expensive video printers are not needed any longer since the images can be printed with standard workstation printers. In order to access the cameras, the existing IT infrastructure can be used. Another plus: as standard browsers and the Linux operating system are used for the camera, there are no license fees to pay.