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Why Mobotix is No.1

Why Mobotix is no.1


A New Banking Perspective

The banking camera version is equipped with two alarm storages and one suspicion storage. This setup enables the cashier to trigger a special alert when a raid or a suspicious situation occurs. Due to an integrated ring buffer, temporary images are stored non-stop. When an alarm is triggered, the images of 15 minutes before and after the alarm are stored permanently so that the official requirements are met. These sequences can then be evaluated directly.
Easy Handling

MOBOTIX cameras do not need additional software and can be managed conveniently via an Internet browser. All you need is a customized configuration for administering the individual banking and surveillance cameras. This sums up one of MOBOTIX’ basic concepts: the company concentrates on actively developing their excellent stand-alone solution that is designed to let the user configure the camera in a simple and efficient manner.
Customized Solution

For security purposes, these cameras operate in a physically separated subnet to avoid negative effects should, in case of an alarm, the entire bank network be overloaded. The camera uses the TCP/IP protocol and, thus, is able to access the bank network through a multi-tier firewall system via gateways. This allows for centralized administration, live image control, maintenance and permanent availability and status checks of the surveillance system with automatic timely notification in case of a system malfunction.
Extraordinary Recordings

In case of a raid, the camera not only records the event itself but also everything else happening in the surrounding areas. The MOBOTIX cameras deliver more images at higher quality, and the images can be evaluated much faster.

The camera’s performance in monitoring a building is excellent.
In case of an incident, the cameras will record footage that is available immediately.
Think of the positive reaction, when the high quality images could immediately be used for investigation.