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Why Mobotix is No.1

Why Mobotix is no.1


As Safe As A Bank

Banks must meet their customers' requirements for security in a special way on many levels. Whether it is with their savings, taking advantage of over-the counter services at a branch office, withdrawing money from the teller machines, making deposits via the cash recycling system, online banking etc. – for a long-lasting, trusting cooperation with a bank, customers demand the highest possible level of security. In order to fulfil these demands, banks rely on sophisticated hardware and software solutions that can be easily and efficiently expanded with MOBOTIX high-resolution video surveillance technology at an optimal cost-benefit ratio.

In the branches of Banks, the trend is towards "more service for the customer" and this of course includes being able to withdraw and deposit cash "around the clock." This, in combination with a sophisticated centralized security system, reduces the threat of criminal attacks. The technical implications of this approach are considerable.
Flexible Solutions For Special Tasks

Security-related situations that cannot be solved using the standard package solutions are occurring with increasing frequency. This is where the intelligent IP-based audio and video solutions from the technology leader MOBOTIX comes in. One example for providing excellent surveillance in the banking sector, is the MOBOTIX dome camera.

Thanks to its elegant design, the dome camera series is highly suitable for use inside buildings. The camera models are each equipped with two flexible, adjustable camera modules that can be individually positioned in all directions independently of each other. The individual models are available with a range of different lenses. The high-resolution colour images of these cameras can enable around-the-clock visual surveillance.

Additional data traffic also will be no problem at all since MOBOTIX IP cameras have very low bandwidth requirements. The cameras are additionally equipped with a microphone and speakers which allow the security staff to directly address potential trouble makers.
In the event of technical problems, a member of staff at the security centre can directly communicate with the customer in the branch foyer via the microphone and speakers in the cameras.
IP Cameras In The "Branches Of The Future"

In self-service areas that house the ATMs customers also need protection. A  reliable surveillance system is required in areas where an emergency button is also installed. In order to identify criminals "creeping in" at night, MOBOTIX' high-resolution IP camera technology combined with an intruder detection alarm system offers a convenient method of providing additional, cost-effective security.

The highly detailed camera images enable all required information to be extracted from the image provided by one single camera. This makes it unnecessary to install several conventional cameras cutting investment, installation and operational costs.  Futhermore, reducing administration, simplifying data storage and alarm analysis, reducing network traffic and increasing the general reliability of the system. Additionally, the MOBOTIX solution is more readily accepted by customers because it is visually more discreet.

There is no doubt that the "banks of the future" needs the intelligent, high-resolution IP camera technology from MOBOTIX as an alternative to the increased use of security personnel or other conventional security measures. So it's a good thing that MOBOTIX communication and security technology is already available today for the branch concepts of tomorrow.