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Designed with our customers in mind, the new demonstration room is equipped with a Hirschmann wall showcasing a wide range of Industrial network switches from the Hirschmann line-up. The wall indicates the functionality of the HIPER-Ring topology and the new Multi Ring that is possible with the ruggedized switches. Visitors will be able to get a firsthand impression of the extensive competence of Hirschmann products, including a few of the latest released switches e.g. MAR1040-4C4C4C4C99, MACH104-20TX-f-PoE, Spider II 8TX PoE switches, BAT 300 with a range of antennae and the new Eagle ToFino. Also operational is the new Industrial HiVision 4, showcasing the new features and multi device configuration.

The demonstration room is also equipped with a Mobotix camera wall, showcasing among others the exciting new Q24 and M24 cameras, with SIP IP Telephones communicating directly to the Mobotix cameras. Here, you will be introduced to the high-resolution mega-pixel cameras and solutions that we offer to distributors, system integrators and end-users. You can learn more about the latest Mobotix control centre software and the different features and functionality that this system offers. In the near future the T24 door station solution will also be displayed on this wall.

Finally, completing the picture is the Eyevis Large Screen System and Video Wall. The Eyevis wall consists of two Eyevis DLP 67" rear projector cubes with multiple inputs and outputs, controlled by the Netpix controller. All of these inputs can be displayed on the wall with drag and drop functionality, being screen sources that run over the network, eliminating the need for archaic KVM switches. The screens are designed for 24/7 operation and have a lifetime of 100 000 hours. Another highlight in the demo room is the Eyevis 52" LCD touch screen with a narrow bezel. The touch screen can be utilized in boardrooms, control rooms, video conferencing and applications where you need a reliable display with stable colours and brightness.

The new facility will be used for showcasing the integration of the abovementioned products as converged communications, allowing visitors to see for themselves the capabilities of all three product lines.

Available for demonstrations:
The demo room is there for YOUR use - please come and visit at your convenience. Our Value added resellers are invited to bring their clients to our facility and perform tests and R&D applications. For appointments, please contact Olivia Soko at +27 (012) 657 3600 or email

IAC Demo Room


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