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Invisible Series

Infra Red Illuminators

Designed to work in conjunction with monochrome or Day/Night cameras to provide a light invisible to the human eye but fully visible to the CCTV camera. Iluminar’s Infra Red LED illuminators cause no light pollution and optimize camera surveillance performance. IR Illuminators feature 12-32VDC/24VAC or PoE models, and are available in Long, Super-Long, Medium, or Short distance range models. With a choice of 850nm or 940nm wavelengths, and various beam angles from 10 degrees through to 120 degrees, the IP 67 rated, low power consumption, long-life LED technology IR illuminators also feature robust, vandal resistant construction, and an expected lifespan of 10 years. State of the art technology and installation friendly design.

Iluminar Infra Red Series











Visible Series

White Light Illuminators

Where the ambient light is too low for security cameras to capture clear images, Iluminar’s White Light LED illuminators can be used to provide an external source of lighting that is powerful enough to provide camera surveillance coverage for practically any environment. White Light Illuminators to provide illumination for colour CCTV cameras, to achieve clearer, more detailed images, provide a visible deterrent, and further improve site safety and security. In addition, the high-performance LED lighting can provide major benefits to end-users, with their lower power consumption, reduced maintenance requirements (no bulbs to change), and longer design lifespan. Energy efficient, low voltage operation for quick and easy installation.

Iluminar White Light Series