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MOBOTIX releases a new DualDome Camera with two lenses ideal for poor lighting conditions

MOBOTIX recently launched the D14D, an update of the successful DualDome D14 camera on the market. It offers high image quality in poor lighting conditions thanks to two camera modules mounted parallel to each other with two lenses and 6.2 megapixel dual sensor technology. Since March 2012, this extremely robust, weatherproof camera, has been available in three versions with different features: the D14D standard version with free lens combination, with two day or two night lenses, or a mixture of the two.  


Two Camera Modules For Better Image Quality 


The difference between the D14 Day/Night Fix and standard versions is that the Day/Night Fix uses two camera modules with two lenses mounted parallel to each other instead of a maintenance-intensive mechanical filter switching function. The daylight module with colour sensor generates high-contrast colour images, whereas the other module works with minimal illumination thanks to the sensitive black and white image sensor and the infrared lens. The camera switches automatically depending on the lighting conditions. The advantage of the D14 Day/Night Fix is that it can provide better image quality in poor lighting conditions because it uses a real infrared-sensitive, black and white image sensor and not, as is usual otherwise, a colour sensor with electronic colour fade-out whose infrared sensitivity is reduced through integrated colour filters. The new D14D Day/Night Fix is factory-fitted with pre-installed camera modules that are mounted precisely parallel to each other. This ensures that the day lens always covers the same area as the night lens.  


6 Megapixel Panorama With A High Degree Of Image Detail 


The D14-180° uses two sensors to generate a high-resolution 180° panorama image with 6.2 megapixels that offers a complete overview of events in front of a building with just one camera. At the same time as the 180° panorama, the digital PTZ function delivers sharper detail if you zoom in on the image. This way for example, license plates can be read and faces can be magnified. 


Vandalism Sensor Included 


All IT and Secure versions of the D14D camera now feature a vandalism sensor that detects forced manipulation of the camera or changes in the direction of the lens. If, for example, an object is thrown at the D14D, it is possible to simultaneously record video of the offender and inform a security company. Red alarm LEDs and a sound or announcement may also stop a vandalism attempt and discourage the person involved from committing further offenses. 


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