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To use technology is to master technology. Efficient problem-free running of your network applications is based on your employees’ skills and knowledge. We can help you to build up or deepen this knowledge – and subsequently put the theory into practice.

Our trainers are highly qualified network specialists, with daily experience of real world Industrial Ethernet support.

Benefit from first-hand experience: experience from Hirschmann.


Our portfolio of seminars and workshops ranges from introduction courses to complete network management. In these manufacturer-neutral courses you will learn about network technology at both a basic and advanced level, and cement your knowledge with practical exercises.

Industrial Ethernet (CT1)
In this Industrial Ethernet course the participants will learn details of the technical fundamentals and deployment objectives of the world’s most widely used LAN communication protocol. At the end of the course the participants will have a good understanding of Ethernet, as well as its role in industrial networking, both now and in the future.

Industrial Networking (CT2)
This course builds on the experience gained from “Industrial Ethernet” (CT1), providing network experts with intensive theoretical and practical knowledge about TCP/IP, IP communication and multicasting.

A special emphasis is placed on deploying TCP/IP and multicasting in complex industrial environments. This enables the participants to provide comprehensive support, both for demanding projects and their daily work.


Rail Family: Theory and Practice (CP1)
In a professional environment the participants receive in-depth knowledge about the OpenRail, OCTOPUS, PowerMICE, and MACH Layer 2 functionality. This includes installation, commissioning, and supervision.

Network Management with Industrial HiVision (CP2)
The participants learn the functions of Industrial HiVision, and reinforce this knowledge with practical exercises. Following this two days course, the participants can make effective use of Industrial HiVision to supervise and configure any size of Ethernet network.